Aventura en India

It likes us the adventure

It likes us travel step by step, in bici or in motorbike, of an a bit different way to the conventional tourism, by routes more rural and authentic.
We enjoy of the native , that still conserve his mix of wise cultures milenarias.
We do of the trip an unforgettable experience and enriquecedora for ever.

Experts Tour leaders

Alicia Sornosa and Álvaro Neil, the biciclown
Nomads trota worlds, emprendedores, adventurers, restless, with many win to share the experience of Adventure in Indian.
Alicia is our tour leader for the trips in motorcycle. It is the first Spanish woman in giving the turn to the world in motorcycle. It did it in 2011 with "Discovered", a motorbike of trail of 650.
Álvaro is our tour leader for trips in bicycle. It has visited 100 countries in bici doing almost 200.000 kilometres. Some five turns to the Earth from the 2001.
His work consists in guiding the group by the roads and ways that circulate, always with the help and company of the local guide. The work in team is what carries us to fulfil the aim and celebrate it.

Us avala the experience

We have a native team of passionate professional, with more than 25 years of career.
The trips of Adventure in Indian are operated by INCREDIBLE VOYAGES PRIVATE LIMITED (IVPL), member of the IATO (Indian Association of tour operators). We have the knowledge that gives us the experience to having visited the ways that propose.

Aventura en auténtica

The subcontinente Indian is our passion

The aim is to experience and connect with the people, the local culture, the gastronomy, the history and the natural wealth of the regions by where happen.
We design the trips with mimo and know very well to the professionals that go to take care of our clients and friends. Our native guides are headlines and offer a personal attention to our clients.

Adventure with "parachute"

The groups are maximum of twelve cyclists or motoristas. In all our tours in motorbike or bicycle, a vehicle of support accompanies always to the group in case it needs a rest or arises an unforeseen. In him they travel the driver and the mechanic with the kit of first helps and the luggage of the group.
Also they travel the companions of the cyclists or motociclistas that do not want to do it on wheels.

Vehículo de apoyo y mecánico

Happy travellers